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Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

For the past two months I’ve been running a large project for the world’s largest provider of higher education and have not really had a lot of time to post.

During that time I kept seeing signs of what I call the start of the human-machine convergence.  Yes, I know there are precedents for this and these are not the “true first signs”.

I’m interested for another reason, the way it is being marketed.  For some reason it’s being commercialize this holiday season.  Several “toys” are being promoted to consumers that allow brain reading to control objects in front of you.

Mattel and StarWars Science are both offering these toys at your local Walmart or Target.  But good luck finding them, even with a $100+ price tag they appear to have sold out.

I don’t have the time to post all of my thoughts, and came across this article below that sums up what I was missing above.  Have fun and enjoy the read, let me know your thoughts too!

Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream | h+ Magazine.

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Visualizing up to ten dimensions – Boing Boing

August 20, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, some of the science is questionable, however, it’s worth the watch to understand and see possible dimensions.

A short animation that takes the viewer through a progressive description of all (and all possible) dimensions, up to and including the 10th

Ancient Volcanic Blasts Kicked Off Modern Ice Ages

June 21, 2009 Leave a comment
Ice Age Trigger

Ice Age Trigger

A series of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions gave the planet its polar ice caps, and kicked the ancient climate into a freeze-thaw cycle of ice ages that persists to this day, according to a new theory….

….Steven Cather of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and a team of researchers now think they know why. They argue that a series of massive volcanic eruptions spanning nearly all of present-day Mexico, as well as parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho launched vast amounts of ash into the atmosphere.


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