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Evil Apple strikes again – SimplyTweet 2.2 has been rejected

SimplyTweet 2.2 has been rejected

Aug 31, 02:16 AM under

After 26 days of waiting, SimplyTweet 2.2 has been rejected.

The reason? – “We will not post applications that reference other applications in their search criteria.” The keyword? “Tweeter”.

(Keywords are a recently added field that let developers specify keywords that are associated with their apps so they can be found when users search for those keywords)

It’s not like I am trying to do an SEO by dumping the whole list of Twitter apps there. I honestly think many people refers to people who use Twitter as tweeters. And what is most frustrating? It took 26 days to tell me this.

For existing users of SimplyTweet, I’m awfully sorry. You’ll have to wait some more for the new features and bug fixes in SimplyTweet 2.2 to be available. I’m almost finishing work on 2.3 and can’t wait to make it available. That, unfortunately can only be done after 2.2 is approved.

Apple, if you need to know how to improve your process so that it benefits our common users, developers and yourself, please read: Joe Hewitt’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty and Craig Hockenberry’s Year two.

Wake up Apple.




apple app store strikes again
you would think they wouldn’t try so hard to be the bad guys from the 1984 commercial of theirs

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